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Welcome to DLH Virtual

Welcome Aboard

All our routes are scheduled according the real flights and we also added cargo routes from Lufthansa.

Our fleet consists of the Airbus A320 and A330 Family, along with the flagship of the fleet, the Airbus A380. The fleet also consists of state of the art Boeing 737 and 747 Family. Our freighter fleet consists of the beautiful MD-11F and of course the newest member, the Boeing 777-200LRF.

DLH VIRTUAL is using customized ACARS, specially made for our needs. This system makes flying even more realistic - with booking system, overspeed shown and much more.

We also offer a Training Academy for all pilots - teaching them online flying on VATSIM and IVAO and holding training lessons for all our Aircraft. Well trained staff members are explaining basic flying, FMC usage and much more.

If you are interested to become a member - Just Sign Up and We will get in contact with you as soon as possible.


135 Pilots
96 Aircraft
3269 Schedules
8259 Completed Flights
16 Flight(s) today
36514211 Total PAX
94741112 (lbs.) Total Cargo
23539 Hours Flown
9571433 Miles flown

Current Flights

  Flight Pilot Departure Arrival Alt. / Speed Aircraft Status
DLH430 Christian EDDF KORD 29874 Ft / 496 KIAS B777F Cruising
DLHDT04 Vinoth LOWI LGSM 1912 Ft / 6 KIAS A319-112 Taxiing to Runway
CH11321 Eric LFPO LICC 0 Ft / 0 KIAS A340-600 Boarding
DLHRTW17 Philipp SLLP SAEZ 34827 Ft / 527 KIAS B737-800 Cruising
DLHRTW3 Ray EGAA BIKF 33491 Ft / 468 KIAS B737-800 Cruise
DLH782A Wright EDDF WMKK 35111 Ft / 492 KIAS A340-300 Cruising
DLH2290 Bernhard EDDM EBBR 0 Ft / 0 KIAS A321-200 Boarding
DLHRTW15 Tomislav SEMT SPIM 25000 Ft / 468 KIAS B737-800 Climbing
DLHEU09 Lucian EGLL LBSF 37283 Ft / 383 KIAS E-195 Climbing
GWI580 Jesse EDDK LEPA 4245 Ft / 371 KIAS A321-200 Climbing

The actual, flights and flights completed in the last 5 minutes.


Submitted By Pengfei - DLH313

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