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Welcome to DLH Virtual

Welcome Aboard

DLH Virtual, an official VATSIM VA, was founded on the 3rd of September, 2013 and has had a steady upward growth ever since.
We are growing bigger and bigger each day and we invite you to be a part of us as we aim to soar to new heights.

All our routes are scheduled according to Lufthansa's timetable. We also boast schedules from AeroLogic, GermanWings, Lufthansa Cargo and few of Lufthansa's codeshare partners.

Our roster is populated by a diverse community from all parts of the globe. A good strong team of professional and experienced aviators constitute our staff team to ensure your experience with us is as enjoyable as possible.

We have a TeamSpeak 3 server where all pilots are welcome to participate in discussions with each other and with the staff as well.

Our fleet consists of the Airbus A320,A330 and A340 family and the Boeing B737 and the B747 family. Our cargo fleet is filled with the Boeing B777 Freighter and the McDonnell Douglas MD-11F. But at the end of the day you may fly whichever aircraft you wish to as long as it is similar to the aircraft scheduled!

We offer a custom kACARS and a smartCARS system for easy PIREP filing. We also have a training academy which conducts training sessions on a variety of topic from online flying (VATSIM) to aircraft procedures.

If you are interested in becoming a member please register and our staff will get back to you within 24 hours with information on how to proceed with completing your first flight!


240 Pilots
105 Aircraft
2459 Schedules
12030 Completed Flights
10 Flight(s) today
31727926 Total PAX
111554076 (lbs.) Total Cargo
23539 Hours Flown
13310177 Miles flown

Current Flights

  Flight Pilot Departure Arrival Alt. / Speed Aircraft Status
GEC8083 Maurice VHHH EDDF 32081 Ft / 478 KIAS B777F NI HAO Cruising
DLH410 Kris EDDM KJFK 38140 Ft / 402 KIAS A330-300 Cruise
GEC8264 William EDDF SAEZ 35023 Ft / 484 KIAS MD-11F Cruise
DLH424 Denver EDDM KBOS 36420 Ft / 464 KIAS A340-600 Cruising
DLH1043 Jannis LFPG EDDF 32228 Ft / 422 KIAS A319-112 Cruise
DLH470 Jordan EDDF CYYZ 36050 Ft / 410 KIAS B747-430 Cruise
DLH412 Nicolas EDDM KEWR 37666 Ft / 447 KIAS A330-300 Descending
DLH535 Carette SVMI EDDF 38111 Ft / 530 KIAS A330-300 Cruising
GWI580B Pascal LEPA EDDK 36904 Ft / 429 KIAS A320-211 Cruising
CH11948 Eric LTAI LFPO 34042 Ft / 430 KIAS B777F Cruise
EWG9762 Hendrik EDDL LSZH 12834 Ft / 342 KIAS A320-200 SL Climbing

The actual, flights and flights completed in the last 5 minutes.


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